Before contacting us, check out our FAQ Below.

How do I create an XFPrinting Solutions Account?

Step 1: Register using the Log In button at the top of any page. Step 2: Fill in the required fields and Click Save. Step 3: Verify your Email. Step 4: Then you will see your XFPS Dashboard where you can view your Orders or change your Settings. Step 5: Happy ordering!

Which file types are accepted in art download?

We accept the following: .jpg, .jpeg, .tiff or .png

Can I request a custom print size?

Yes, you can. If you didn't see the size you wish for, we have a Custom option in the drop-down size menu. Happy printing!

What is an ICC Profile?

Basically, in a nut shell, an ICC Profile or International Color Consortium is a collection of color data for each paper type to ensure each print matches what you see on your screen when it is printed.

I paid for my print, but it says it is awaiting approval. What does this mean?

This is a step our XFPS Team will be providing to make sure your art is ready to print and ensure great quality.

How much is Standard Shipping costs?

We offer Free Ground Shipping on print orders of $200. Anything below will be charged $9.99 Flat Ground Shipping Fee.

Still need help?

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